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Q: Can you add grid X to the grid list in Angstrom viewer

A: I think it is better to have a universal grid viewer. It is easy to add new grids now, with the grid manager panel. The reason is, so many grids come and go, and I don't have the time to check them all.

Q: I am forking you viewer and I want to add my grid in the grid list, where can I do this.

A: angstrom\indra\newview\app_settings\grids.fallback.xml

Q: There is a bug in your viewer.

A: As this is a fork from firestrom, check if the bug is in latest firestrom, if so, post it on their bug report system (jira). Also DO NOT! put any Angstrom viewer info/bugs/reports in firestrom/phoenix jira. I don't have the time to do all the bug fixing. If you are really sure it is only happening in Angstrom, you can add an issue to the issue tracker on this site.

Q: Can I contribute to Angstrom

A: yes, send pull request to my viewer with your modifications, It can take some time before your modifications will be added. Also the modifications are reviewed before they are added, and can be rejected without notice.

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