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Support Email: siana dot gearz at googlemail dot com
Second Life: Siana Gearz (maintainer), "Singularity Viewer" (group)

Platforms: Windows WindowsMacOS MacOSLinux Linux


A viewer based on familiar 1.x User Interface with many Emerald-style usability enhancements and extended tools for content creators, both thanks to Ascent Viewer heritage.

For roleplaying, Singularity adds RLVa to support RLV-compatible scripted attachments.

Extensive effort is being put to further improve stability and performance by porting the viewer onto the Snowglobe 1.5 base (from Ascent's 1.4), implementing own bug fixes and performance improvements, and from there further backporting bits and pieces of Viewer 2 technology.

Also the goal is, to the extent possible, include support for Viewer 2 features and protocols which slowly become a necessity. Display Names, extended group limits and V2 compatible Current Outfit Folder with multiple attachments are already supported, and more is to come.

Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the listed viewers or developers. These third-party viewers are not affiliated with or overseen by Linden Lab. Please take reasonable precautions, including virus scanning, before installing and using any of the listed viewers.

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